Screeps World Review, January 2017

The last year was dubbed by the Chinese the year of the monkey, but we hope you were not a code monkey but took on developing your code architecture in a smart and far-sighted way. To make sure you really did, ask yourself a number of questions:

  • Is my creep factory flexible enough
  • How convenient is developing a new room
  • Can my creeps travel long distances without going astray
  • Do I have a well-thought defense against a possible blitzkrieg
  • Is my army ready for a counterattack to protect my interests and alliance
  • How balanced is my resource mining and trade

Now there are 23,000 rooms available in the game to occupy. Almost 9,000 players “rented” them at different times, starting from the beginning of the game. About 2,000 AIs explore the world each second:

This is how the map looked like a year ago in the same scale:

It’s especially vital to know the map of alliances. It will help you, among other things, to avoid a fatal mistake of troubling someone from an evil group with a credo “destroy any intruder, all his friends and relatives.”

The alliance Open Collaboration Society is worth separate mention: with staggering 50 members (the largest alliance so far), it almost circled all the rest of the players:

A number of new attractions were spotted:

The Expansion Rank leader of the last season of the past year was stybbe, our new gold medalist. Let’s see how many times the leaders won gold within a year:

1 Hernanduer
2 AzuraStar
3 DarkTrooper7
4 Dissi
5 bonzaiferroni
6 NhanHo
7 stybbe


All the year round, players have been actively mining GCL from their room controllers. Here are those who’ve been the best at it within the year:

# Player Total Expansion 2016
1 Hernanduer 5,177,564,999
2 AzuraStar 4,606,294,491
3 DarkTrooper7 4,391,834,353
4 NhanHo 4,221,441,492
5 Dissi 4,062,213,029
6 bonzaiferroni 2,454,511,541
7 Mototroller 2,302,562,244
8 danny 1,956,667,524
9 Sargeth 1,952,303,523
10 stybbe 1,795,831,959
11 Skorp 1,557,768,258
12 zuphrany 1,436,633,424
13 ThyReaper 1,415,063,163
14 Zergling 1,347,308,497
15 SteeleR 1,295,922,177
16 ART999 1,235,978,455
17 taiga 1,191,381,444
18 Atavus 1,168,136,384
19 TooAngel 1,136,841,216
20 Bovius 1,025,571,790

The power resource emerged shortly before the beginning of the year, so we’ll review the absolute accumulation of it by players rather than yearly values. Here are their contributions to the future of power:

# Player Total Power 2016
1 Hernanduer 60,857,694
2 AzuraStar 29,935,587
3 Dissi 26,134,081
4 ART999 6,677,753
5 bonzaiferroni 6,214,898
6 DarkTrooper7 5,856,683
7 stybbe 5,125,848
8 Vision 3,885,850
9 TooAngel 3,481,640
10 bekvon 3,394,013
11 Mototroller 3,381,467
12 maka_RTH 3,318,934
13 neomatrix 3,109,125
14 Mordox 1,957,723
15 Rajecz 1,955,125
16 taiga 1,878,999
17 Atavus 1,806,911
18 msvsergey 1,779,620
19 Remco 1,743,511
20 Zortea 1,490,321

By the way, very soon we’ll publish a design document on the power creeps system. It will allow you to get involved in the discussion. Stay tuned!

The system of minerals was introduced in March 2016, but players still use laboratories at 33-80% of their capacity. If you want to boost your processing to 100%, the solution is simple: use idle capacities. Usually they are in those two labs used for reaction raw materials only.

A month after the emergence of minerals, we reviewed configurations of laboratories chosen by the pioneers of the mineral industry (see Review April 2016). This time we can see how 15k+ labs worldwide are composed. Some players invented truly unique things, others borrowed from older peers who, in turn, also tried to come out with the perfect option, still others seem to use the random method. The video of the month features a gallery of laboratory architecture:

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  • Dissi

    > but players still use laboratories at 33-80% of their capacity

    Kinda logical. If you got quite a bit of labs they won't be active 24/7. 1 runReaction takes quite a bit of CPU, 0.38 per call on average. Running all my labs would take 100,32 CPU if they were to run all at the same time. On average that's about 10 CPU/tick.

    The mineral supply is limited as well, so you can't support boosts for 24/7 yet.

    It's fun to see the small world from back in the days. Really puts the massive growth we've seen into perspective, fun to see my old rooms!

    Love the video about the labs!

  • Syncaidius

    I saw a discussion on slack a day or two ago about lights (may actually have been Dissi!). I honestly think they'd be a nice utility structure to have as an alternative to using ramparts for making displays. I'm sure there are plenty of other uses for lights (such as alarms) if we're given control over their color and flash interval. Obviously they don't need to have many hits. Wouldn't want people walling themselves in with lights, and it'd probably be best to stick an upper limit on how many a player can build to prevent them filling an entire room with flashing lights.

    But I understand why they might not be added, due to how costly server/processing time is in a game like this.

    Edited by Syncaidius
  • Dissi

    Syncaidius - that was me! The lights would be amazing!

    I'd love for them to be display only. This way they can not be abused for storing any additional information, but can be used for displaying things, and the costs of changing them should be 0.00 CPU, else they do not offer any change in regards to ramparts for displaying.

  • K-C

    OCS is a unique alliance in its goals and behavior.

    OCS is:
    #1. A codebase
    #2. A development community
    #3. A loose alliance

    You can watch me stream OCS development and gameplay most days M-Th 12PM UTC-8 at

    Edited by K-C
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