Changelog 2017-03-09

chrome_2017-03-06_14-40-11.png Introduced new kind of world map zones: Respawn Areas.

  • Respawn Areas are highlighted with blue color on the world map.
  • They are isolated from the rest of the world with a wall. The wall has a timer similar to Novice Areas. Any player can place the first spawn in this area, but nobody can come here from the outside world while the timer is up.
  • The only restriction in Respawn Area is nukes usage - a nuke cannot be launched from or to a room in a Respawn Area.
  • Players with GCL 4 or higher are no longer able to start playing in Novice Areas. They have to either respawn in a regular room or in a room within a Respawn Area that will keep them safe for a while and allow to claim as many rooms as their GCL allows.

Other changes

  • When a Novice or Respawn Area is being planned in an inner sector, all free rooms in this sector will be signed by the game with the following message:

  • Added new constants SYSTEM_USERNAME, SIGN_NOVICE_AREA, SIGN_RESPAWN_AREA. You can use them to programmatically check the signs in the rooms that are important to you and reserve them if such a message detected.

These features are supported in private servers v2.5.0.

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  • PostCrafter

    Great addition, also thanks a lot for adding the constants.

  • DasBrain

    Thank you. Any estimate on how long an are will be signed before it will be converted?

    1 day, 2 days, 3 hours?

    Also, restricting gcl > 3 to respawn zones is great. I suspect you will need more respawn zones soon.

    An other question: When on RCL < 2 with my respawned room, I often have to use safemode until I upgrade to RCL 3 (tower) if I get invaded. Are there any plans for the safemode cooldown in Respawn Areas? (Novice area has no cooldown on safemode).

  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    Thank you. Any estimate on how long an are will be signed before it will be converted?
    1 day, 2 days, 3 hours?

    Currently this period is about 24 hours, but it may be changed later. Anyway, you are supposed to react programmatically, not manually, so a few hours should be enough.

    Are there any plans for the safemode cooldown in Respawn Areas? (Novice area has no cooldown on safemode).

    Currently the cooldown is the same as in regular rooms. We’ll watch for population of these areas and consider if it is needed to be changed.

    Edited by Artem from Screeps
  • Helam

    Does nuking a room count as a reservation when you are deciding whether or not to make a novice/respawn zone? >:-)

  • Rajecz

    Also could you please remove the warning signs when a blue zone has been canceled. And when the signs appear indicating a zone is coming up will claiming/reserving rooms in the area decrease the size of the zone spawning or eliminate it completely? If it only decreases the size of the zone being spawned how will we know what the new size of the spawn zone is, and which rooms will still be available to the room that we have just claimed (because claiming a room that you want, but then having everything around it turn into a blue zone actually makes the newly claimed room useless). If this is still done manually is it safe to assume that only the rooms that are currently reserved when you go back to check count towards interrupting the zone from going blue or is it any rooms that were reserved at any point from when the sign went up until the zone turns blue?

  • Rajecz

    We need some consistency and clarity with the ways these zones are being created. As an example W65N15, was marked as a respawn zone ~ 3 days ago. Upon seeing this we started reserving a couple of rooms in addition to that other people claimed rooms and a couple of low level players even respawned into that sector. 24 hours past and nothing happened, then we hit the 48 hour mark and still nothing so we assumed we were safe and I asked for clarification on what reserving rooms in this zone does and asked that if the creation of a respawn zone is canceled that the sign saying it will be created will be removed. Then ~60hrs after the sign was initially put up saying a respawn zone would appear it was taken down and we thought we were safe. Now ~12 hours later there is a brand new Respawn Zone in that block and it is severely limiting the usefulness of the rooms that were claimed and reserved during the signage period. The warning signs don't actually do any good except to tell you that you should change your future plans if you are still going to strangle the rooms that are claimed/reserved. If you could remove the sign from the rooms that aren't going to change once a room is claimed/reserved, then we would know how many rooms we need to claim or reserve in order to maintain our planned growth. Or even if you could just share with us the algorithm used to create these zones so that we could implement it ourselves and know what the size of these zones will be (and if there isn't an algorithm used to create these, then maybe one should be created). There has been so much frustration with this in the past and we all celebrated the warning signs as a solution, but it seems it is still lacking.

  • DasBrain

    I think the algorithm is still manual. For my understanding, it has the following goals:

    • Every room that is not converted (e.g. someone spawned in there, the room is reserved) should be reachable from the outside world.
    • Every room of the new zone should be reachable from within the zone (no unreachable rooms where someone is "safe" until the walls fall).

    It's hard to implement that as an algorithm.

    An other change I'd like to see is a plan WHEN the zone should be converted, so we can react to this. Some people may wait a few hours to respawn in a new zone. Not sure if that can be included in the sign message (== wouldn't work anymore).

    An other question: What happens with creeps that are in a respawn zone when the zone forms? (And most important: what happens if that creep has a CLAIM part?)


  • demawi

    Same problem here E32N75.. marked 2 days ago.. nothing happened. At least: please define and document a correct expiration time.

    72h+: Troll-area-signs still active. Plz cancel!

    96h: Now they cancelled the respawn area. Thx!

    Edited by demawi
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