Changelog 2014-12-18

  • Renamed RoomPosition.findNearest() method to findClosest. findNearest alias is still available, however it is deprecated and will be removed soon.
  • RoomPosition.findClosest() and RoomPosition.findInRange() methods now accept object arrays as the first argument allowing look-ups against arbitrary object lists.
  • Added new option algorithm to RoomPosition.findClosest() method for performance optimization.
  • Added new options to Room.findPath() method: avoid and ignore that allow flexible pathfinding customization.
  • Decreased the default value for heuristicWeight option in Room.findPath() method from 10 to 3.
  • Added ConstructionSite.ticksToLive property.
  • Decreased RANGED_ATTACK power from 15 to 10.
  • Decreased ATTACK body part construction cost from 100 to 80.
  • Movement cost factors changed:
    • 10 for swamp tiles;
    • 2 for plain land tiles;
    • 1 for road tiles regardless of the terrain.
  • Increased roads construction cost at swamp tile from 300 to 1500.
  • Increased roads hits amount from 100 to 300.
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