New spawn extension system

The extension system in the game has been changed. We decided to do away with the notion of the creep's body parts number and instead introduce the limit of the total amount of energy to be used for building in a room – in the spawn and all extensions together.
While previously a spawn with no extensions could generate up to 5 body parts, now it can contain up to 300 energy units and create creeps using this amount of energy. All extra cost above this limit must be available in the extensions at the moment of the beginning of the creep spawning. Besides, capacity of each extension is decreased to 50 energy units.
It's important that energy for extra cost is taken only from the extensions, but not the spawn! The spawn never consumes more than 300 energy units, even for expensive creeps.
Here are a few examples of various creep configurations costs before and now:
Body Before Now
Spawn Extensions Total Spawn Extensions Total
CCCCM 250 energy  — 250 energy 250 energy  — 250 energy
CCCCMMMM 400 energy 600 energy
3 extensions
1000 energy 300 energy 100
2 extensions
400 energy
RRRRRAAAAAMMMMM 1400 energy 2000 energy
10 extensions
3400 energy 300 energy 1100
22 extensions
1400 energy
The number of extensions available for building extensions is also increased at all RCL levels. See more in Territory control.
This new system should significantly simplify building of high-level creeps, which means that overall you will need less creeps for the same tasks and less CPU for controlling them. However, for quick building of expensive creeps, you will need to set up an effective energy transport scheme in many extensions. It will surely become an interesting task on programming room work.
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  • Arnoud

    Maybe this is a good change in the long run, but applying this change in this phase of the development of the game is a very bad idea imho. When I logged back in I wasn't able to spawn any creeps anymore because I'm totally out of energy, my scripts were written for the old situation and couldn't handle this change. Of course I can change the scripts and start over again, but the reason it happened and the fact that this could happen any time again makes it very frustrating to play the game and, at least for me, no fun at all.

  • hyramgraff

    This was a very big change to have applied to my running code. Would it be possible to have these kinds of changes announced in advance so that we can update our scripts. You could add a flag on the Game object that indicates whether or not the change is active.

  • Aequitas

    Reiterating what everyone else said: you have to warn us 24 hours at least before making changes, even better would be that the changes don't take effect until an hour after logging on. or something like that. It sucks to wake up and find we have to start from scratch.

    Onto the change: I really dislike the change, it makes it much much easier to lose, especially before having any extensions. Before I used to prevent using any energy if I went under 2000 to ensure that I could always rebuild my harvesters if they died. Now it's impossible to do that because my mining system takes way over 300 minerals. so it requires a whole new system which must be less efficient.

    Before this change I hadn't died a single time, now I've died ~5 times just today! It's very frustrating since there's no way to replay the last few hours to see what went wrong, unless I stare at the screen for all that time to see what's going on.

  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    Please take note that this is the Early Preview stage with the whole purpose of testing things. We can't slow down the development process by delaying features and fixes deployment. But we certainly will make such warning announcements in the release version.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for participating in the Early Preview!

  • TheSec

    So where should we store are energy now ? sins we can't @ spawns and extensions ?

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