Changelog 2015-07-29

Gameplay changes

  • Introduced new structure: Storage. It is available at RCL 4 and allows to store up to 500K energy units.
  • Roads now decay for 100 hits per 1000 ticks at plain land and for 500 hits per 1000 ticks at swamp. Every creep step decreases the timer for 1 tick per each creep body part.

API changes

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  • QzarSTB

    Great! These are really nice changes :)

  • theAEmix

    Agreed, the addition of a storage is an awesome feature. And as for the roads, I like the creep size mechanic, and i'm curious to see how much upkeep costs now. Before, I could only keep about 40-70 road squares per room.

  • chris

    The timer decrease per step is incorrect. Actually atm it is 15 per step.

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