Early Preview ends

Well, dear friends, the Early Preview stage is close to an end. Together we were able to test and optimize the hardware, spot and fix multitude of bugs, polish the balance. A lot of creeps were built and lost during the process, but it was worth it - we are now finally ready for a public launch!

Early Preview ends on Thursday, August 6. Script servers will be stopped, the world will be wiped and regenerated. Then we will announce the public launch date so that you can get prepared to start in the final version of the game world.

All those who participated in our Indiegogo campaign will receive a due number of CPU credits. All the rest will be able to place a pre-order to start playing right after the server opens.

Thanks to all of you for your participation in the Early Preview, and follow the news!

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  • QzarSTB

    Great news guys! Do you have any indication how long it'll take for the public launch? Is this in the order of 1 week or 1 month?

  • DarkTrooper7

    Game looks fantastic, how can one make a pre-order ?

  • Anton from Screeps

    @QzarSTB: Supposedly, in about a week.

    @DarkTrooper7: A preorder page will go live on the site on Aug. 6.

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