About the Screeps Team

Artem Chivchalov Anton Chivchalov Sergey Gunyakov

At Screeps we have always loved strategy games and programming, and we have many years of experience in both of these fields. We were involved in several commercially successfull gaming projects, such as Space Rangers, a PC game awarded the title Best Game in Russia in 2003 by gaming press.

We feel the same attachment to Civ and C++, StarCraft and JavaScript. And now we are excited by the fact that we've managed to invent a way not only to combine the best of both worlds, but also present it in a way as nobody did before - by creating a strategy MMO game for programmers. The game we ourselves want to play.

There are only three of us, but we have big plans. The idea of a programmable strategy online game is inexhaustible. By adding the capability of full programming of unit logic in the game, not only we create an interesting entertainment for programmers, but also avoid an eternal problem that prevented a sensible MMO RTS from happening: via scripts you can fully control the game 24 hours a day even while offline.

The current state of the game is very far from what we would like it to be. On the one hand, it is a full-fledged multi-resource economy, manufacturing, trading between players, hero units with special skills, alliances, diplomacy; on the other hand - offline simulation and testing, using your own servers and languages, scripts marketplace. If you like Screeps now, there are much more to come.

Screeps is a completely indie project without any publishers and investors. When we launched our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, we well knew that to succeed we had to find people that longed for such a game to happen as we did, who wanted to play it as we did. And we indeed found many like-minded ones that enabled the Screeps prototype to grow into a real product.

Now we are glad that your help allows us many opportunities for developing a revolutionary idea of a MMO game playing which is not a waste of time.

Your Screeps Team.


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