Changelog 2015-09-04

Gameplay changes

  • Changes in controllers management as described here.
  • Decreased extensions count available on RCL 8 to 200.

API changes

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  • chris

    How can you put such changes into the Game without notice in advance? What if somebody went on a long weekend with a room - for whatever reason - having no upgraders? They come back on monday only to see, that their rooms downgraded by 4 levels?

  • theAEmix

    FYI Chris, the posted the changes a few days ago in an article. Might not be a week, but it was 2-3 days to prepare.

  • fazan

    NOOOOOO! How are we supposed to do profiling if we can't use Game.getUsedCpu?

  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    @chris This article has been posted on September 2. It has been also announced on Twitter and Facebook.

    @fazan Game.getUsedCpu is useless in the Simulation mode. Its results depend on your browser performance only, and have nothing to do with the server-side runtime performance. The only way to profile things correctly is to use Game.getUsedCpu in the World mode.

  • strabino

    I think Game.getUsedCpu was useful in sim mode. Even if the absolute value was dependent on the browser's performance, it could still help to find perfomance bottlenecks, and show the difference between two different implementations, right ?

  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    @strabino Not really, browser javascript engine is optimized in different way than the server-side one, also we are going to intensively use C++ native code for pathfinding calculations in the nearest future, so that it is very unreliable to measure something in the simulation. But if you'd like continue using this, you can simply make direct use of browser's Performance API, it will give the same results as old Game.getUsedCpu emulation layer.

  • strabino

    @Artem Good to know, thanks for your answer. Seems allright to me to remove Game.getUsedCpu then.

  • fazan

    @Artem Great, looking forward to pathfinding optimizations

  • BoldLibrarian

    Having the controllers flash red every single tick they are not being upgraded is a bit of an overkill.

  • The_General

    "They come back on monday only to see, that their rooms downgraded by 4 levels?"

    This is actually what happened to me. Was off the grid at Burning Man for the week and found a bunch of rooms looking really bad. Only lost a 3-4 levels combined, but still painful to have the rules changed on such short notice.

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