Changelog 2016-02-08

  • Introduced new CLAIM body part type. It costs 600 energy units and has the following effects: A creep with this body part will have a reduced life time of 500 ticks and cannot be renewed.
  • Decreased energy sources capacity in neutral non-reserved rooms from 3000 to 1500. Reserve a room to increase it to the full capacity.
  • Controllers will now restore 90% of the previous level progress when downgrading.
  • Energy sources now cannot be harvested if the room controller is reserved or owned by another player.
  • Decreased tower effectiveness at a distance:
    • Attack: from 600 hits at range 5 to 150 hits at range 20.
    • Heal: from 400 hits at range 5 to 100 hits at range 20.
    • Repair: from 800 hits at range 5 to 200 hits at range 20.
  • You are not allowed to self-destroy a structure while there are hostile creeps in the room.
  • Introduced new method Creep.dismantle which allows dismantling any (even hostile) structures returning 50% of the energy spent on its repair.
  • Spawns now can be placed at any vacant square in the room excluding squares within 5 range from sources.
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  • Dissi

    "Spawns now can be placed at any vacant square in the room"


    I've tried to build a spawn in W6N9 at a vacant slot, but it isn't possible to build it near the source.

    Edit: Couldn't read, missed the 5 places near source part

    Edited by Dissi
  • neomatrix
    • Attacks a hostile room controller downgrade timer with 1 tick per 5 body parts (Creep.claimController).

    ^that^ doesn't work at Novice Area: I've got an error (-8: You cannot claim more than 3 rooms in the Novice Area). Though, my intention is to downgrade a controller and reserve it then, not claim it.

    UPDATE: I cannot test the other case, but this error may apply to anyone who has the max rooms claimed (ERR_GCL_NOT_ENOUGH when downgrade a controller)

    Edited by neomatrix
  • chris

    @neomatrix, this is due to the bad API, that has downgrading and claiming share the same method. There should be a separate method for this: downgradController

    Edited by chris
  • Yonder

    So do controller reservations no longer expire? That appears to be the case, but I'm not certain.


    Edit: Actually it looks like they will immediately expire if they aren't constantly being reserved.

    Edited by Yonder
  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    @neomatrix: Thanks, fixed.

    @Yonder: Put more CLAIM body parts in your reserver creep to accumulate reservation.

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