We're open-sourcing the game engine and launching the game on Steam

Great news Screepers!

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to rework and open-source the Screeps game engine so that you can create your very own game world with your rules and play with your friends for free!

Here are just some of the perks you’ll be able to get by backing this campaign: 

  • Early access to game engine sources.
  • Your own unique game badge symbol.
  • Lifetime MMO access.
  • Obtaining game time for free by sharing with friends. 

Hurry up, some of the offers are limited!

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  • neomatrix

    Good news, congratulations!

    Anyway, does that compaign mean, that `open source` & `steam` have higher priority than the new features promised: power creeps, minerals and trading?

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  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    @neomatrix: Absolutely not. We are going to release some of these features in the next few weeks.

  • neomatrix

    That's cool

  • Marko

    Sounds cool,

    Under what licence do you plan to release the source?

  • chris

    That's an awesome idea! Will the code (and steam client) eventually be free for everybody? Or only for supporters of the campaign?

    Btw. I feel honored, that you chose my very first colony back from PTR days as screenshot - this was also the very first room in the entire game world that got upgraded to RCL8... ;)

    Edited by chris
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