Changelog 2016-04-13

Gameplay changes

  • Deployed NPC Invader Raids system.
  • Increased containers decay time from 100 ticks to 500 ticks if the room is owned.
  • Decreased dismantling power from 100 hits to 50 hits returning 0.25 energy units per tick per WORK body part.

API changes

  • Important: the new PathFinder is now activated by default. Call PathFinder.use(false) in the beginning of your script to revert to the old pathfinding.
  • changes: 
    • If you return false from the roomCallback, the requested room will not be searched, and it won’t count against maxRooms.
    • heuristicWeight option is set to 1.2 by default.
  • method has been completely rewritten. There is now the routeCallback option which can be used to control rooms pathfinding costs (thanks to The_General).
  • Creep.upgradeController now can be used within range of 3 tiles.
  • Added new signature to the RoomPosition.inRangeTo method: inRangeTo(x,y,range).
  • Structure.transfer now can be used even for hostile structures, i.e. you can “steal” resources this way. The ERR_NOT_OWNER code will only be returned if you are not the owner of the target creep, or there is a hostile rampart on top of the structure.
  • Updated runtime script servers to Node.js 5.10.1.
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    Artem from Screeps

    There is an issue with returning false from the roomCallback for the moment, so this feature is disabled temporarily until we have a bugfix for it. We’ll post here again when it happens.

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    Artem from Screeps

    The bugfix is deployed.

  • Hernanduer

    Creep suicides are being counted under creep parts lost, is this intended?


    Also when selecting the console the oldest output is being shown (the scrollbar is all the way at the top) instead of the newest output. This started a couple days ago. Can this be reverted?

    Edited by Hernanduer
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