Changelog 2016-05-12

You can read more about some of the breaking changes in this announcement.

  • Breaking change: Removed property.
  • Breaking change: Removed deprecated methods:
    • Creep.transferEnergy (use Creep.transfer instead)
    • Creep.dropEnergy (use Creep.drop instead)
    • Creep.unclaimController (use StructureController.unclaim instead)
    • Game.getUsedCpu (use Game.cpu.getUsed instead)
    • Flag.roomName (use Flag.pos.roomName instead)
    • RoomPosition.findClosest (use either RoomPosition.findClosestByRange or RoomPosition.findClosestByPath instead)
  • Added new prototypes: RoomObject, OwnedStructure, StructureExtension, StructureExtractor, StructureKeeperLair, StructureLab, StructureLink, StructureObserver, StructurePowerBank, StructurePowerSpawn, StructureRampart, StructureStorage, StructureTerminal, StructureTower, StructureContainer, StructureRoad, StructureWall.
  • Structure.transferEnergy method is moved to the corresponding specific structure prototypes (if applicable).
  • All boosted creeps, including NPC invaders, now drop up to 20% (depending on their life time) of the resources spent on their boost when killed.
  • Added new method StructureSpawn.recycleCreep that allows to return up to 100% (depending on life time) of all resources spent on that creep’s spawning and boosting.
  • Energy sources in Source Keeper rooms now have 4,500 energy capacity.
  • Increased terminals capacity from 100,000 to 300,000.
  • Reduced terminal send fee from 0.2 to 0.1 energy unit per resource unit per room.
  • Room.findPath method now has the default maxOps=20000 value in case when origin and target positions are in different rooms.
  • Increased towers count available on different room levels:
    • RCL3: 1 tower
    • RCL5: 2 towers
    • RCL7: 3 towers
    • RCL8: 6 towers
  • Introduced new Creep.attackController method. This is now the way to decrease downgrade or reservation time instead of Creep.claimController. In addition, attacking a controller now prevents it from being upgraded for the next 1,000 ticks.
  • Added StructureController.upgradeBlocked property.
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  • lahilahi12

    Will this auto-replace my transferEnergy or will I have to do it myself?

  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    You have do to it yourself. These methods were deprecated for a while now and generated warnings.

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