Changelog 2016-07-22

  • Added new public option to Creep.say method. You can set it to true to allow other players to see the message.
  • CPU cost of Creep.say method is set to NONE.
  • Added new Creep.saying property that can be used to read the message at the last tick, even by other players.
  • Moving onto exit tiles now doesn’t generate any fatigue regardless of creep movement capabilities.
  • It is now possible to build spawns and extensions near energy sources.
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  • TsujiWolf
    Added new public option to Creep.say method.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. This is the most important update to happen to Screeps ever.

  • redeven

    The rickrolls are strong with this one.

  • Wilmotron

    switch (Game.time % 4) {

        case 0: creep.say('Never gonna give you up.', true); break;

        case 1: creep.say('Never gonna let you down.', true); break;

        case 2: creep.say('Never gonna run around...', true); break;

        case 3: creep.say('...and desert you.', true); break;


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