Screeps World Review, August 2016

Another month has passed as the game servers were doing your bots’ bidding. More than a thousand of artificial intelligences, from fledgling to cunning and hugely optimized ones, have claimed dominance in our parallel universe, and today we can hang this picture on a wall in a frame:

The gold in our main top goes to Dissi[27] who had to speed up his controllers’ upgrade 1.5 times to achieve this result. It is not before long that he enters the group of CPU MAX (GCL28=300CPU) holders.

The players upgrade pulse from danny[23] is as following:

The game embraced a lot of new life, but they are far from the Top 10 due to lack of resources. So we decided to show how the Top ER would look like without the veterans. It allows to see who among the new generation goes beyond their peers and quickly expands their influence:

#PlayerControl points
1 stybbe 245.4M
2 Spite 224.6M
3 Atavus 220.4M
4 ART999 188.9M
5 SteeleR 172.3M
6 Timelost 154.2M
7 uMiN 117.3M
8 Bovius 116.6M
9 Lupus 113.5M
10 seancl 107.3M
11 R33T4RD 103.6M
12 Ashburnie 102.9M
13 n00bish 102.4M
14 illiux 99.3M
15 RPZip 93.7M
16 dog 93.1M
17 Artritus 92.0M
18 Opptic 91.4M
19 PK_ 90.8M
20 n0ne 90.6M

Absolute GCL gain for players registered after June 20

Spite[10] was the first among the beginners to get his hand on harvesting and processing “red energy,” but putting power into stable mass production will require him a lot of programming ‘power’. But as a result of this, he will reap massive advantages due to low competition so far.

Players often seek new ways to express themselves, like creep flash mobs or “field circles” made with roads. That's why they invent funny uses of the public creep.say(). By the way, you can use funny Unicode characters in messages. Some players even develop standalone libraries to make their creeps talk.

Here are the most sociable players: HowlsMovingScreeps[6], Dissi, Mototroller[22], Lomewilwarin[6], NhanHo[33], Bovius[8].

The formerly top player QzarSTB[12] has returned into the game after half a year of rest, welcome! His rooms occupy vast territories which implies ambitious goals:

The South West sees an interesting company of badges of similar colors: Atavus[10], BlackLotus[7], Pantek59[4], Tanjera[6], Atlan[6], and Moria[5]. This is a powerful coalition (total GCL = 38) that has seized 5 sectors already. It’s interesting to see how the boundaries of their domains will change with time:

Don't forget that the emergence of portals allows you to easily cover vast distances, so even if you’re at the other side of the world, you can have unexpected guests right at your door. Just recently we were seeing the first large-scale offense with using portals and jumping from the other side of the world: Bovius[8] arrived from the North West and crushed a neighbor of the aforementioned alliance, shedletsky[7].

The world can see more than a thousand scuffles a month, so there is always something interesting going on. This time we show you an implementation of a “spam attack” in the world of Screeps:

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  • Atavus

    Shedletsky was never a member of the Screeps United Nations (SUN). Our organization mentioned in this review simply had a Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) with him.

    Still happy for the mention.

  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    It's "neighbor" there in the article, not "member".

  • Atavus

    My mistake, must have read it wrong.

  • Bovius

    Fun! I always enjoy reading the world review, but I'm glad my escapades made it in. Minor note: I had to use the E45N35 portal, not the E35N35 one as pictured. The current graphic has a nice symmetry about it, though.

  • Silesia

    Damn, I was hoping to see my "Chihuahua" singing creeps mentioned in the sociable players section. :D

    I wonder how I was unaware of those portals though... I need to check what's up with that.

  • QzarSTB

    Thanks for the welcome back Artem. Hopefully in the next month review there won't be a reason to use "formerly" anymore :).

  • Dissi

    Amazing. Always love reading these things. Gotta love the polite creeps of bovius.

  • Spite

    Hah, old memes never die.  Well played on the Rick Astley clock.

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