Changelog 2016-09-16

Introduced new room safe mode mechanics. It will replace room novice walls protection, and allow to arbitrarily safeguard your rooms while you are offline.

Safe mode is enabled on the room controller when a new player spawns in the world initially. It also can be triggered by any player manually using either the StructureController.activateSafeMode() method, or the button in the controller UI. When activated, it blocks attackrangedAttack, rangedMassAttackdismantle, heal, rangedHeal, attackController and withdraw methods of all hostile creeps in the room.

Only one room can be in safe mode at the same time. Safe mode period lasts for 20,000 ticks. It cannot be activated again during the 50,000 ticks cooldown period. But in Novice Areas, there is no cooldown at all.

In order to activate safe mode you spend available activations (StructureController.safeModeAvailable property). You obtain one activation on each controller level upgrade, and also can generate it by Creep.generateSafeMode() method using 1000 ghodium resource.

If the controller is downgraded, it loses all its available safe mode activations, and triggers the cooldown period.


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  • Filix

    You said you renamed the property, so it has the opposite meaning of being protected, but then you write, an available room is in safe mode. Don't you mean to say, Rooms not in safe mode are considered available?

  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    Safe mode doesn't affect room availability at all. Rooms in safe mode are passable as usual rooms.

  • Zortea

    Firstly, thanks for making this great game! The new feature to simulate invasions is really helpful.

    Secondly, I have a few possible concerns with the safe mode system. I think it might be abused to defend from nukes as one can just activate it right after the nuke lands allowing plenty of time to rebuild. Also I would consider keeping the walls at least for the first stage of novice areas. Seems like early colonies can be denied by simply sending some large bodies (25 TOUGH. 25 MOVE) and placing them in front of sources or in choke points. 

  • BlackLotus

    Can devs confirm, that the 50k cooldown is specific to a room? Or is this cooldown to be considered global, as in the same nature of it being available to only 1 room at a time.

  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    @Zortea: Here is a link (and the follow-up) to discussion thread on this feature. Please post there.

    @BlackLotus: Yes, the cooldown is per room.

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