Changelog 2016-09-19

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  • Hernanduer

    This seems to have destabilized the Memory system even more, where my current memory usage a few weeks ago was using about 35 cpu it's now using 50 cpu with this update (it's been ~44 for the past week or so) despite few changes on my part.

  • kevban

    My CPU usage skyrocketed recently too, causing my scripts to break, and I couldn't figure out why. This is the first I'm hearing that the updates might be causing it and that makes total sense. Is there a current effort re: this issue?

  • Wyrframe

    I can't say mine "skyrocketed," but for the last week up until 19 hours ago, my average CPU usage (over a 3000-tick window) before Memory reserialization was 3.6.  10 hours ago it rose to 4.7, and it's stayed in the 4.6-4.8 range since.

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