Changelog 2016-10-13

  • Mineral regeneration mechanics are changed. Mineral regeneration amount is no longer random, but rather depends on a new property called Mineral.density:
    • DENSITY_LOW: 15K amount (10% probability)
    • DENSITY_MODERATE: 35K amount (40% probability)
    • DENSITY_HIGH: 70K amount (40% probability)
    • DENSITY_ULTRA: 100K amount (10% probability).

    It gives the same average value as before this change, but now it is predictable and creates some variety between rooms.
  • In most cases, density is not changed between regenerations. However, there is a 5% chance that it will be changed to a random new density on the next regeneration cycle. For DENSITY_LOW and DENSITY_ULTRA deposits this chance is always 100%.
  • Mineral deposits density is visually observable on the world map using the corresponding display option.
  • Flags count is now limited to 10,000 per player. 
  • When created via the API, flag names are limited to 60 characters (creating via UI is already limited, there was the lack of filtration in the API). Old flags names will be truncated to 60 characters.
  • When remainingAmount property of a market order becomes equal to 0, the order now does not get deleted, but becomes inactive instead. You can call extendOrder and reactivate it keeping the same persistent ID. You must call cancelOrder explicitly in order to remove this order from your list.
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  • Helam

    It just felt wrong for there to be no comments after this long.

  • coteyr

    IKR, This is one of the changes I actually like. Where's there drama man?

  • sparr

    Can you clarify how the mineral density changes? "random new density" can be the same as the previous density or not?

  • Angle

    I think it follows the probabilities given. So an ultra deposit, upon being mined out, has a 10% chance of becoming ultra again, a 10% chance of becoming low, and a 40% chance each of becoming moderate or high.

  • rysade

    It looks like every mineral is at 70K right now. Is that only temporary? I'm seeing Low and Ultra minerals both with 70K, as well as every other one I check.

  • Knightshade

    I suspect that minerals are keeping their previous values until they are next recalculated.

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