Changelog 2016-10-24

  • Invaders in Source Keeper rooms are now always spawned in groups of 2-5 creeps and may be boosted with tier-3 boosts including XGHO2.
  • The world map is now continuous on borders when doing StructureTerminal.send and trade operations. The corresponding option added to the method:'E65S55','W65S55', false) // 131'E65S55','W65S55', true) // 11
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  • Dissi


    What is the default value of the optional boolean? It doesn't say that yet in the documentation.

  • Suppen

    So as far as the terminals are concerned, the world now has toroidal shape?

  • Avatar
    Artem from Screeps

    What is the default value of the optional boolean? It doesn’t say that yet in the documentation.

    Default is false (undefined acts as false when used in conditions anyway). Updated the docs.

  • DoctorZuber


    It is really unclear to me what exactly it is that you mean by continuous on borders here. Does the map wrap around for terminal transactions? Only for terminal transactions?

    Edited by DoctorZuber
  • Zortea

    Another nerf to source keeper rooms?

    First the reduction to 4k in energy per source.

    Then the mineral mining cooldown which affects much more the source keeper rooms.

    Now yet an additional defense cost?

    CPU is the most valuable resource of this game (due to the constant 0.2 cost) and Source Keeper rooms are definitely more CPU intensive than the regular ones. From my calculations is not even worth mining them unless they are right at the side of your base and very open. I don't agree with this change.

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