Changelog 2016-11-27

Introduced controller signing mechanics. It allows to sign any (owned, unowned or hostile) room with a random text message visible to all players (up to 100 characters). This message will appear in the room UI and in the world map:


API changes:

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  • Mudla


    IMHO only useful for spamming around

  • ChaosDMG

    I think there is a good chance new players wont see the message especially since they wont be familiar with this mechanic, maybe add a popup when a player claim a room with the message so that they wont miss it (assuming it doesnt work that way already)?

  • Amadox

    hm.. nice feature, though I'd have prefered this bound to the room, not the controller, leaving messages in SK rooms would've been useful: "You kids get off my lawn!"

    Edited by Amadox
  • Reini

    Does controller signing have any effect on the spawning of novice areas?

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